Con-Serv Inc

Elastomeric Bearings

CON-SERV Inc will supply elastomeric bearing pads to provide structural support in bridges as well as commercial and industrial buildings, petrochemical and power plant applications. These parts, depending on the type of elastomer, provide uniform load transfer, accommodated thermal movement, allow for end-beam rotation, and isolate components of the structure against vibration, noise and shock.

CON-SERV Inc designs and produces both AASHTO grade neoprene pads as well as AASHTO grade preformed fabric pads. These pads can also be supplied with filled PTFE (PTFE) bonded to them for use as the lower element in a slide bearing which will provide for longitudinal movement as well as the rotation required.

Natural Rubber/Neoprene Types

Plain and shimmed bearings are available in standard Shore A durometers of 50, 60 or 70 based on state and/or AASHTO Code, Section 18, natural rubber or neoprene. For sizing criteria contact CON-SERV. If minimum dead load pressure is less than 200 psi, it is recommended that the elastomer be epoxy bonded to concrete. If on steel, a tack plate is recommended for positive reinforcement. The maximum temperature at a neoprene bearing is 200°F.

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